Relaxing aromatherapy

We live in the conditions of daily stress, which reduces the immunity of the organism compensatory stimulates aging process.

Relaxing massage helps you get rid of:

- chronic fatigue syndrome;

- emotional stress, irritability;

- depression, loss of interest in life;

- headaches, sleep disturbance.

Relaxing foot massage has a positive effect on overall health, relieves fatigue in the legs, swelling. Impact on acupressure points stimulates the inflow of vitality and restore the circulation of energy in the body.

Head massage normalizes blood circulation, improves memory, eyesight, improves hair growth.

Each of these types of relaxing massage can be used together or separately.

Massage performed with individually selected aromatic oils.

After a relaxing aromatherapy recommend visiting the infrared sauna.

Prerequisite normal life is harmony with the environment surrounding the appropriate response to stress, self-confidence and to his health of!